Nina Grewal: Conservative Entitlement nominee

The ConservatiGrewalve party just can’t seem to make the Grewal family disappear. Parliamentary documents reveal MP Nina Grewal has been billing taxpayers outrageous First Class airfares for her husband (disgraced former MP Gurmant Grewal) averaging over $5,000 per flight.

You might think that a Conservative MP with a track record of getting her party into scandal would be very careful about jumping on the gravy train on the public dime. And, that she would be even more careful not to draw attention to her husband Gurmant who was the catalyst for those political scandals.

But, Nina Grewal spent 15,720 on just three flights for Gurmant in 2013-2014 – an average of $5,240 per flight.

It appears that after so many years in office, Conservative MP’s have been jumping on the gravy train. A party that once promised to end the culture of entitlement has replaced it with an entitlement culture of their own.

Remember that Gurmant Grewal was investigated by the Commons Ethics Comissioner who found his actions “entirely inappropriate” and scandal ultimately ended his political career.

The scandal involved secret tapes of Nina and Gurmant’s negotiations to jump to the Liberal party. However Gurmant made a bid to return in the 2015 election as a Conservative candidate. The Conservative Party’s National Candidate Selection Committee actually stepped in to bar him from nomination for the 2015 election.

The Grewal family made headlines again this year when Nina’s son Liv Grewal won the nomination to be a Conservative candidate for the upcoming 2015 election but the Conservative Party took the unusual step of removing him after the fact:

“I can confirm that Liv Grewal is no longer the Conservative Party candidate,” [Conservative Party Communications Director Cory] Hann said Wednesday from Ottawa.

Asked why, he said: “I can say the party is running fair and open nominations. Any accusation of breaking rules — we investigate them and review them and that’s as much as I’ll say on that matter.”

“The party launched an independent review and went out to the riding and did some interviews with people just to get some background on what it was that happened,” a Conservative source said.

“What the independent review found is basically that these concerns on how Liv Grewal’s campaign conducted itself were found to be true, founded, that the Liv Grewal campaign had purchased memberships for others which is against the rules and can be against Elections Canada rules as well.”

The review also found that there were “tactics … to try to keep things quiet,” the source said.

The party decided to remove Grewal after looking at the evidence collected in the review.